Revelations in Red: Mens Underwear Picks with a Lasting Appeal!

Red may not be your favourite colour, but probably after this blog feature, we’d be able to change your mind. We’ve gathered some of our top picks for the season that features the shade of love, romance, passion and more! Red may be a powerful colour to don, so to have it matched in a mens underwear design gives a whole lot of impact. Below are some of the best selling mens underwear and mens lingerie pieces at Johnnies Closet, that will surely have your underwear fantasies tickled.

Even a conservative mens underwear structure looks very appealing, or sexually appealing at that when played with the design structure and use of colour. For the shade of red, it leaves an irresistible impression, be it a robe, a strappy or harnessed underwear, boxer brief cut and a bikini brief underwear style. Most of the treatment for these kinds of mens underwear pieces are also manipulated with the fabric choice like see-through, silk satin and lace. The overall experience gives you that feel of luxury, comfort, effortless sex appeal and relaxing sensation without being over-the-top revealing.

On a more risqué approach, there are also mens underwear and mens lingerie designs that have no holds barred when it comes to providing a different kind of underwear experience. Those in forms of jockstraps, thongs and pouch g-strings are easily deconstructed to either have a on-the-spot coverage for your best bits while revealing the rest, an even more see-through effect with the use of fabric, a romantic play of lace that is also revealing, and those that flaunt your anatomical features. All of these mens underwear and mens lingerie designs have a sexy and flirty attitude of their own, creative and can surely be a perfect weapon to snagging a great and memorable intimate moment.

If going on a feminine route for mens underwear and lingerie is your thing, there are also styles that are hard to miss.Camisoles are staples of lingerie for men that give out a more quirky and intimate experience for men who love their underwear or lingerie laced and feminine. Bra tops have also become a hit amongst these mens lingerie collectors and fanatics, with pieces that are easy to put on like a tank top. The best thing about the bra tops for men is that they are specifically made to fit the male physique and can be worn discreetly under their everyday clothing.

Johnnies Closet is an online shop that presents hundreds of mens underwear and mens lingerie designs that cater to your type and fancy. From erotic to functional, conservative to being all out show off, these underwear designs to choose from are vast and delightful to browse through. Also, with the ease of online shopping for mens underwear, you’ll get to enjoy that sense of security in your purchases with deliveries arriving in discreet packaging. View and click through known mens underwear brands online all in one site and have it delivered conveniently right at your doorstep. Visit Johnnies Closet today at

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