Silky, Soft and Sexy – the 3 “S” you get from the PetitQ Kini Mesh Underwear

Something small that can deliver you a satisfying and comforting support all day long… the PetitQ Kini Mesh Stripes mens underwear is a little piece of heaven for your treasure. We explore the tiny bits of this sexy underwear design that lets you go from a regular day to a naughty unplanned night. If you’ve always been stuck with the classic brief of boxer shorts, perhaps it’s about time you go for something different; one that you will love to show off as you strip it down.

The PetitQ Kini Mesh Stripes mens underwear, ironically, provides coverage only where you need it. Despite the see-through fabric it has for the pouch and the back, it allows you to look sexually appealing without being totally naked. The silky soft microfiber fabric forms a smooth, body-defining fit, making you feel almost like you’re not wearing any underwear at all! This mens underwear design also features a contrast trim that sits flat against your skin for an undetectable look under clothes.

Accentuating your body’s shape and size, it has a super low rise fit that gives your waist the attention it needs, and a lean cut on the sides to offer moderate show of skin for teasing. Having this kind of mens underwear style will work to your advantage as something you can get to wear everyday. Because you wouldn’t be certain what you’ll face for the day, it lets you move freely and with ease, making you feel secure that everything down there is in place. Lastly, it defines a true meaning of a banana hammock as the contour pouch provides the right amount of support (no matter how much you are packing) and definition.

PetitQ mens underwear showcases sexy mens underwear pieces that are functional and visually appealing at the same time. It’s something you wear under your choice of clothing, but would love to show off eventually. Johnnies Closet houses more mens underwear styles from PetitQ alongside other known mens underwear brands online. Shop to your hearts delight and fancy, and get your orders dispatched 1-2 working days, arriving in DISCREET PACKAGING. Visit us today at

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