Sweat it Out Through Regular to Active Days with the Magic Silk Jockstrap

By this time, among all of our jockstrap features on our blog, you definitely have an idea what jockstraps are for. But for the sake of those visiting us the first time, here’s a quick recall on why jockstraps are still appealing to mens underwear lovers and collectors. Jockstraps are built originally for athletics and active lifestyles, providing the right amount of support for your treasure and allowing more range of movement by having less coverage at the back. What sets one jockstrap apart from another would probably its design and functionality, but definitely the quality of material used… and that’s where Magic Silk jumps in to the rescue.

Magic Silk boasts a satisfying mens underwear experience thanks to their use of stretch silk knit fabric in their collection. Applying the same concept to a jockstrap underwear design, the feel of wearing support for a highly active day has just levelled up a notch! The Magic Silk Jockstrap is not complicated and is sexy in its own right, embracing the classic jockstrap mens underwear structure. Because we find classics to be still relevant and timeless, the brand’s take on the staple underwear design for men in truly something worth trying, especially for those who have days where it can go from a regular to an active one. Try on a pair today and you’ll definitely feel the difference of this jockstrap mens underwear piece from Magic Silk.

Jockstraps are just one of the hundreds of mens underwear styles out in the market today. Staying true to the classics and taking their own unique stitch and presentation to it, Magic Silk delivers a magical and satisfying mens underwear experience for all sexes. Check out the brand’s collection, alongside other known mens underwear brands online at Johnnies Closet, and have your orders dispatched 1-2 working days guaranteed. All orders arrive in DISCREET PACKAGING. Visit and shop on Johnnies Closet today at https://www.johnniescloset.com.au

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