Venus as a Boy… and Why He Loves to Wear Lingerie

As a familiar saying goes, “men are from Mars and women are from Venus,” but are they really? For the longest time we have seen this phrase altered, swapped and reworded for a literal meaning as a reference for being part of the gay community. However, it is still an on-going discussion of whether men who like to wear lingerie instantly gay? Something like Venus embodying a boy and he loves to wear lingerie perhaps?

As per a survey conducted, there are actually men who became curious with wearing women’s lingerie at some point of their life. They may admit or deny it, but yes, it happened, and some have come to love it. Again, does this make them gay in a snap? Believe it or not, it doesn’t. There are actually reasons why men who once tried their mom’s, sister’s or even their own wife’s lingerie have grown to actually get the hang of it.

Women’s lingerie is admittedly far more comfortable than men’s underwear. The feel of silk, satin or other fabrics used for women’s intimates are very gentle to the skin. Comfort can be an addicting feeling and, come on, who doesn’t love being comfortable? Nighties, bras and panties, there are actually men who get hooked to the comfortable feeling that these garments provide and end up wearing lingerie or women’s underwear on a daily basis. In a fashionable perspective, there are more options of style for women than for men. Some don’t mind that their package is almost seen, nothing left to the imagination because of the lace or mesh detailing, leading us to the next reason.

Turns Him On
See through, mesh or lace are some of the elements that make a women’s underwear be labeled as “intimates.” It is very sexy to a point of being erotic in a way. Some men love to see it in their woman and some want to experience it on their own… and it turns them on! Adult men discover a variety of fetishes in their lives and wearing lingerie as a straight man is one. Surprisingly, more open-minded heterosexual couples love to make out with their man wearing lingerie. Underwear store owners have even observed that females who usually buy women’s lingerie online are not for their own use but for their male partner.

Non-sexist Article of Clothing
Being non-sexist means someone does not limit his or herself as to what is only for men or only for women; they see things suitable for both genders. Men who have this kind of point of view believe that lingerie can be worn by any gender - it’s a matter of personal choice that others should respect. The only limit of course is that, as long as it does not become a “taboo” for a certain culture or it causes an inappropriate disturbance of public rules and regulations.

Escape and Expression
We put in this reason at the last part because there is actually a big percentage of men who love to wear women’s lingerie, eventually realizing who they really are. And yes, there’s still that percentage of men who wear lingerie to escape their sense of self for a short period of time, express themselves creatively through this article of clothing, and still manage to live a straight man’s life.

Given these reasons as to why men wear lingerie, it all sums up to having individuality as a person, created unique in their own way. Hindering someone to touch on their means of expression and shutting down curiosity will never be helpful. Look at the bigger picture of things; whether it is someone you know or it is yourself, support will always be there. It’s all about being able to freely live your life in a way you feel is best.

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