Daniel Alexander Las Vegas Capri Bikini Brief

Sizes: S
Sale price$49.95


Ever wondered what is a perfect men’s bikini for party mode. Well, here it is. With a design meant to nothing but party, Daniel Alexander presents this designer bikini for men. With some vivid colors and magnificent design on the print, this piece of art gives you an inferior feel of euphoria. It just gets your party mode ON. At the front of this sexy men’s bikini, you get to see the usual pouch for your hefty front tool. The pouch is equipped with a fabric that eases the motion and gives your genitals the freedom to relax with all means. The pocket then stretches out of the front profile moving sideways going all the way to the back, completing its cycle to a perfect men’s bikini. At the back, you get an apt amount of coverage for your buttocks, just above the space between your buttocks, while adding a sense of support to them. So if you are someone who has an invitation to a nice pool party and is looking for something fun and exotic then this is the perfect deal for you. Get yourself into this men’s bikini and flaunt all your body at the party.

Material: Polyamide / Spandex


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