A Joe Snyder Bikini Brief with an Amphibious Appeal

Imagine having the benefit of wearing an underwear that can also be your sexy swimwear bikini brief. A truly exceptional mens underwear piece from Joe Snyder collections makes it possible with the amphibious Joe Snyder Lycra Kinny Bikini Brief. The fabric used for this sexy mens underwear piece is quick drying, making it possible for both regular underwear use or as swimwear.

The Joe Snyder Lycra Kinny Bikini Brief provides the right amount of coverage at the pouch and rear, and the string waistband gives away a generous show of skin for an added sex appeal. What makes this bikini brief even more stunning are the silver coloured flat rings that attach the waistband to the front and pouch rear. Because the fabric is a stretch material, it adjusts perfectly to fit and suits almost any body type.

If you love wearing minimal mens underwear pieces underneath your clothes, the Joe Snyder Lycra Kinny Bikini Brief will work perfectly for you. It would go almost undetectable under your choice of clothing, whatever occasion you might wear it to. Then, if you’re ready to make the splash, simply take all your garments off and jump in the water as this easily transforms to a comfortable swimwear bikini brief too!

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