C-Rings That Provide “Clip-on” Coverage

If you’re a fan of extreme mens underwear pieces then C-Rings are probably not a new thing for you. However, you may still find these innovative C-Ring designs that also provide support and lift to a man’s treasure. Here are some of the available C-Ring collections online that you can absolutely try, each uniquely functional as they are designed.

C-rings upon first glance look like they rely on a man’s privates to stay on. Basically, yes, although there are some that have built in metal wires that can be clip from below, feeling like you’re wearing a thong or g-string, minus the waistband and straps. For one thing, these mens underwear innovations are truly “on-point” when it comes to coverage, while some give out hints or fully expose your bits… again, depending on the structure and function of the C-ring design.

Some men have found great delight in wearing C-rings as it serves them well by providing added girth, making their bulge look bigger underneath their pants or shorts, and some are just for the satisfaction of their wild fantasies. By this time, you probably have figured it out that C-rings stand for cockrings and cockrings are quite useful for keeping things up, if not adding more thickness to a bulge. These C-rings featured exhibit a bit of the cockring function and the modified or innovated version of it.

For whatever purpose C-rings are made, it does give a sense of satisfaction to try it out for yourself. If you have that wild and vast imagination for pleasure when it comes to mens underwear, it sure is great to have some added to your underwear stash. Check out a variety of mens underwear pieces online that will surely tickle your fancy, available at Johnnies Closet https://www.johnniescloset.com.au

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