Brace Yourselves with these Fun & Colorful Suspenders to Accentuate Your Thongs!

Thongs are classified as sexy and naughty in mens underwear styles but it wouldn’t hurt to add a dash of fun and colour to it. Spangla has just released a new collection that features plain thong underwear for men that is accentuated with a variety of colours and prints of suspenders and braces that lets you celebrate and party the day/night away.

These Spangla Thong G-string underwear are made from stretch lycra with elastic waist and legs so it allows you to move with ease, no matter what activity or obstacle you’ll face for the day… who can tell anyway right? Wearing these mens underwear designs allow you to stay ready for anything. Simply clip on the included suspenders and braces and let the party begin!

The braces are all unisex in colour and print, presenting designs such as hearts, rainbows, camouflage, solid colours and more. Being all elastic, it can easily adjust to any body type and can easily be switched and interchanged to other underwear of your choice or even your outfit for the day. It also has a V-shaped back and metal clips that hold on securely to your underwear or pants.

Add accents to your underwear or outfits, be it for a night out or your everyday fashion with these exciting braces and suspenders… the thong g-strings are free to match with any design! Choose from a wide variety of styles of thongs and suspenders that suit any occasion from Spangla, available at Johnnies Closet  

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