Kink to the Xtreme: Harnesses to Accentuate the Male Body

Mostly known as a body wear accessory, harnesses play a vital role for the male body that accentuates its form and look. Although it is mostly seen in bondage and other BDSM activities, body harnesses have come a long way in adding a kick of sex appeal to the male form. And we’re not complaining!

Made from leather or stretch/garter materials, harnesses have evolved to a variety of designs, some having an additional purpose like attached cockrings for added “lift”. Wearing one sets the mood to a wild fantasy that basically involves fetish for leather, dominance or submission. For whatever purpose it might be, body harnesses have become part of the mens underwear industry as an additional accessory.

Majority of body harnesses available in the market today are in black colours but some brands have jumped out of the box, made a little tweak in the design and gave a colourful variety of this sexy men’s accessory. Perhaps, the idea also came from the fact that it is commonly worn in clubs and even pride festivals… so there should really be a lot of options for it.

If you are looking to try out body harnesses for yourself to add to your mens underwear collection as an accessory, there are a variety of designs and styles from brands online. You can browse through a number of choices for mens body harnesses at Johnnies Closet

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